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The History of Pizza

Pan Pizza or al Testo developed at the very beginning of 1900 in Tuscany. At that time, old bakers and housewives used to make this type of pizza and other bakery products for family consumption. The product was prepared in a rounded or rectangular baking pie and cooked on a wood fire with the fire off or on low-heat.

In the past, this product was unfortunately different to the current Pan Pizza: the rising process used to last for a short time (2 or 3 hours at the most) and the dough was very dry (low hydration). It follows that a greater quantity of flour was used as well as a large quantity of lard (up to 3 grams of pig lard for each kilogram of flour).


The Roman Pan Pizza dough production needs to be accurate and correct. The dough maturation and its completion are very important processes to get a highly digestible and fragrant product.

In the past, biga indirect dough was the most popular technique used for mixtures. Today, instead, the most common methodologies used are direct dough and long maturation with a minimum of 24 hours.

Pizza Collective

What news has Pizza Collective made compared to past techniques?

We started from the assumption that the various improvements made over the years to the dough and also to the pizza seasoning have already perfected the Roman Pan Pizza, so we decided to focus on selling pizza and how to give an experience more complete to our customers.

We started from our way of seeing the world at Millenial, therefore always being intrigued by the news, but even more so by the extravagant novelties, both in the technological, fashion, medical, automotive and many others.


Our New York restaurant is where all the magic happens. located on Broadway and seventy-second street in the heart of the Upper West Side, our headquarter reflects the attention that we have for details. Coming to our restaurant and looking around is like reading our diary.

The ambient, casual and elegant at the same time, reflects our approach to business...it has to be fun, it has to stand out and make sense. We believe that aesthetic and the attention to details is the key for a more profound and memorable experience. Once you enter in one of our restaurants you will remember it .

Eating your pizza while observing master chef Gabriele Voci, through the transparent glasses, while he creates his masterpieces it’s really entertaining. You’ll notice his concentration and the smoothness of each movement, you’ see the amount of work behind each Pizza Collective slice.


Close menu

Yes, we know, you are chilling at the beach dreaming our pizza. ⁠
Don’t worry we’ll wait for you ; )

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take a dive in Italian cooking history, try our lasagne, probably the oldest Italian pasta recipe of all. Since 600 hundred years we haven't changed it much...there must be a reason. ...

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Dreaming about going back to the office? ⁠
Me too... ⁠
meeting people in the commute, getting away from home, sharing a chat with colleagues, having a delicious pizza in front of your screen....⁠
I know, but don’t worry, we will all go back⁠
Now let’s enjoy our inner space ⁠
and the same amazing pizza! ⁠
Link in bio for ordering now

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If you are stuck in NYC enjoy nature and hug a tree in Central Park. we are preparing an amazing treat for you: picnic pizza park delivery... coming soon! ...

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Zia pizza sandwich⁠
Eggplant parmigiana, fresh basil, parmesan cheese.⁠
Whether you feel spaced out by the ongoing situation or you are just empty bellied...try one of our outer space sandwiches!

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Most people are gone but New York is still alive and kicking!
FOR ALL WORKERS IN THE AREA : huge pizza sandwich and free soda to keep you going and save dough!

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Nonna pizza sandwich
Beef meatballs,fresh tomato sauce,basil and parmesan cheese.
yes, we know, pizza first! but did you try our space sandwich with pizza bread? It's like diving into waves of flavors and texture. thank you chef Gabriele for this extra touch!

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It’s been tough, It’s been crazier than ever but as you know when the going gets tough, the tough get going and we are not speaking just of us but of all New Yorkers.
We believe in this city and this is why we choose it, and, just to be clear, we won’t back off just because of the virus!
We are opening our new New York joint on the historical date of May 15 2020.
We decided to go all in and this is why:
We had a dream, to bring to the biggest pizza lovers in the world, the best product they ever tried.
We knew we could do pizza, we are a collective of passionate young pizzaioli and entrepreneurs, we have been working for years to create a refined product that would bring pizza back to the gourmet table without losing its soul, its comfort and at the same time it’s simplicity.
Pizza is for everyone and this is another thing we like!
In a time where everything looks unbearable and heavy, our pizza is super light.
Our dough is alive, the sourdough, that in Italian is called ‘lievito madre’ (mother) is been with us for generations. We are now good friends with our dough, we know how she behave and feels and we move accordingly, we actually gave a name to our sourdough, like our grandmother was used to do…The honeycomb structure of the cooked pizza is the visible sign of the good health of our dough. Easy to digest as pizza is never been before. Our format, of small squared pizza slices combined together, gives our costumer the possibility to dive in the multiples recipes of master chef Gabriele Voci, for a new pizza experience.
We are more than aware of the risks and responsibilities of opening business right now, and we will take all precautions like real ninjas do. Our team will cook with masks and gloves, our packaging will be treated with extreme hygiene and care.
We want you to feel safe and enjoy like a “caress” our gourmet product.
This is how we show you our love.
Com’on New York, let’s win this one as well!
Riccardo and Gabriele
Pizza Collective 2060 Broadway, NYC
just south of 71st street

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Contact Us

+1 (646) 693 0949