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Our Queen (Regina Mergerita)

The History of Pizza

Pan Pizza or al Testo developed at the very beginning of 1900 in Tuscany. At that time, old bakers and housewives used to make this type of pizza and other bakery products for family consumption. The product was prepared in a rounded or rectangular baking tray and cooked on a wood fire with the fire off or on low-heat.

In the past, this product was unfortunately different to the current Pan Pizza: the rising process used to last for a short time (2 or 3 hours at the most) and the dough was very dry (low hydration). It follows that a greater quantity of flour was used as well as a large quantity of lard (up to 3 grams of pig lard for each kilogram of flour).


The Roman Pan Pizza dough production needs to be accurate and correct. The dough maturation and its completion are very important processes to get a highly digestible and fragrant product.

In the past, biga indirect dough was the most popular technique used for mixtures. Today, instead, the most common methodologies used are direct dough and long maturation with a minimum of 24 hours.

Pizza Collective

What news has Pizza Collective made compared to past techniques?

We started from the assumption that the various improvements made over the years to the dough and also to the pizza seasoning have already perfected the Roman Pan Pizza, so we decided to focus on selling pizza and how to give an experience more complete to our customers.

We started from our way of seeing the world at Millenial, therefore always being intrigued by the news, but even more so by the extravagant novelties, both in the technological, fashion, medical, automotive and many others.


Our New York restaurant is where all the magic happens. located on Broadway and seventy-second street in the heart of the Upper West Side, our headquarter reflects the attention that we have for details. Coming to our restaurant and looking around is like reading our diary.

The ambient, casual and elegant at the same time, reflects our approach to business...it has to be fun, it has to stand out and make sense. We believe that aesthetic and the attention to details is the key for a more profound and memorable experience. Once you enter in one of our restaurants you will remember it .

Eating your pizza while observing master chef Gabriele Voci, through the transparent glasses, while he creates his masterpieces it’s really entertaining. You’ll notice his concentration and the smoothness of each movement, you’ see the amount of work behind each Pizza Collective slice.


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